What is Grow With Love?

Grow With Love is a collaborative project between Sara Gleason (zinnias and swallowtails) and Crystal Livesay.  It was borne of our own wishes for our personal storytelling.  We have felt a pull to transform our own scrapping into something even MORE……to make our pages more story-centric, and our words and journaling more thoughtful, more authentic, and more meaningful.  We had it on our hearts and minds to create a project that would encourage ourselves and others to create beautiful pages that not only reveal honest and heartfelt whisperings, but that reach beyond the page to have a tangible impact on our lives as well.

And so emerged Grow With Love, a series of prompt-and-story driven projects that we hope will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone a little bit, reflect on your relationships and loves, and love a little more deeply and truly.  This is not only a scrap project. This is about changing yourself and your relationships for the better.   Our hope is that scrapbookers and storytellers will feel inspired to grow in their loves and lives with us in any medium that inspires them (digital scrapbooking, paper scrapbooking, blogging, journaling, art journaling, etc).  We hope you will feel encouraged and inspired by our own process as it has evolved and grown on our blogs (the journey so far is outlined in the archive) and as we carry it to new heights in our brand new Grow With Love classes here at Plant Your Story.

What are Grow With Love classes?

As we’ve seen Grow With Love evolve, we felt encouraged and further inspired to grow the concept and really present Grow With Love in an enhanced way.  And so we began development of a Grow With Love “class”…an enhanced self-paced project which brings everything we love most about Grow With Love — the story-starting journaling prompts and page design templates — and adds MORE to the whole experience:  more inspirational content, more community, more encouragement, more collaboration, more mentorship, more resources.

Each class will be offered as an “enhanced” self-paced project.

The “self-paced” part means: when you register for your Grow With Love class you will have: “forever access” to a private forum & private section of the gallery, and to your specific Grow With Love class materials (templates and prompts and other content such as tutorials, resources, guides and articles) as well as email access to Sara and Crystal so that you can work at your own pace and return to the project any time you’re feeling inspired or have the time to work “grow with love”, even after your class closes.

The “enhanced” part means: when you register for your Grow With Love class there will be a period of “workshop” time (usually over a period of 4-8 weeks) wherein we will actively be exploring the prompts and inspiration in the private forum and gallery.  We hope this will be a time for mutual mentorship for our storytelling, extra encouragement and inspiration, and a special sense of community as we walk in this journey together.  During this time you will also receive email content delivered to your inbox with bonus materials and encouragement and inspiration.  In addition, during this “enhanced” class time, and only during this period, you will also receive an exclusive digital kit created by an amazing designer in the digital scrapbooking community as well as exclusive coupons and offers from others .

Please note, for all of our classes, after this period of “enhanced” class time, the digital kit and other exclusive bonuses will not be available.

Where can I find previous Grow With Love inspiration?

We encourage you to follow along with past blog-based Grow With Love projects any time.  They are meant to be approached as you are inspired, in whatever medium you prefer (paper, digital, journaling, blogging), and at your own pace.  You can use the templates together with the prompts, or you can use prompts and templates separately, or you can simply follow along with the posts and prompts on the blog and in the archive.  The key is to let yourself be guided to dive in and challenge yourself a little bit… to Grow With Love.. in your scrapbooking and storytelling.

We’d love to see your pages and stories!  Feel free to share them with us in the blog comments or in the Plant Your Story gallery {HERE}.

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