Goofy For Quotes

I’ve long held a fondness for quotations and lyrics.  They are like little bite-size nuggets of inspiration or wisdom or sarcastic fun.  I think I love them so much because of their easy resonance.  That quality of “aha”: that quality that has me smiling the moment I read it or nodding my head or feeling nostalgic.

I find many times that someone else has voiced  (and far better than I ever could) precisely what it is I may have been feeling or thinking.  Other times, a quote or lyric holds a general tone or mood for something I believe or love or hope for.  Or it is the “posterized” version of a more complex idea: short and sweet and to the point.

Quotes and lyrics have a unique way of striking a chord, getting to the point, and moving our heart in just a few short sentences.   In a universal kind of way.

I used to reflect on lyrics and quotes quite a lot.  I even had a blog tag “goofy for quotes” because I was a) that geeky and b) that inspired by the brief nuggets of truth.

Recently I’ve been finding a renewed and refreshed love for quotations and snippets while browsing and pinning on Pinterest.  So many fabulous quotes have been shared and every time I come across one that gives me that resonating “aha” feeling, I pin it so I can come back to it later. And I’ve been cataloging and art journaling some of my most favorite quotes and snippets in one of my SMASH books.

And I wanted to encourage you to embrace the Goofy For Quotes.  Because it’s that feeling, the “aha” resonance, the inner “yes!” or “word.” that our heart speaks when we see or hear a quote that moves us to remember it, that plants seeds for some amazing storytelling to be harvested later.

Listen to that resonating echo.  Why does that particular quote or lyric strike a chord in you?  That feeling is there for a reason.  It’s there because it relates to you or speaks your heart or challenges you.  And when we let ourselves think about it beneath the surface, there is a bit of our story there.


You you can use a quote or lyric in a simple way that communicates “these brief words express exactly how I feel about a person”.   As I did in this (very old) page when I scrapped a snippet of the song “You are My Sunshine”:


Maybe the snippet speaks a truth you want to share with someone you love.  A “scrapable, teachable moment”, if you will.

As was the case when I scrapped this quote from Albert Einstein.  I wanted to share with Bugga what I believe is true and what Einstein stated in the perfect little “nugget”: “There are only two ways to life your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”:



Or maybe the words of a quote or song speak to our heart and reflect deeper hopes.  I had taken this photo on a bad day…a day that was full of bad news and worries. But I just love this photo of Bugga. And looking at it reminds me that, no matter the challenges we may face, we are so blessed. And that’s what the journaling is about. It’s about my wish for bugga..that she will always seek and find the silver linings and the blessings. I also included lyrics from one of my favorite inspirational songs. And the page became a kind of prayer for my daughter:

 journaling reads:    I love this photo of you. It’s moments like these where in an instant I am reminded of God’s grace and His majesty and all the beautiful ways He has blessed our lives. It can be easy to fall away into the world and find yourself a little too focused on worldly worries, wants, and preoccupations. I hope that you are presented with moments like these when the world gets in the way. Moments that remind you of what is most important. Moments that remind you that God loves you very much and that you are blessed. This song is my wish for you, my love.

Give me one pure and holy passion. Give me one magnificent obsession. Give me one glorious ambition for my life. To know and follow hard after you. Give me one pure and holy passion. Give me one magnificent obsession. Give me one glorious ambition for my life. To know and follow hard after you. To know and follow hard after you. To grow as your disciple in your truth. Because the world is empty pale and cold compared to knowing you my Lord. Lead me on and I will run after you. Lead me on and I will run after you.


Sometimes quotes or lyrics or verses inspire us to challenge ourselves or live it more in our lives.

I was scrapping my “life verse” in this page..akin to a One Word, this was meant to be my compass for the year(s):

verse: Whatever is true, whatever is noble,whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent & praiseworthy, dwell on these things. Philippians 4:8

journaling reads: I’ve always had a struggle with worry with focusing a little too much on the worst
case scenario. I suppose it’s a self protection thing. But I’ve made a commitment to myself
and more importantly to God, to dwell not on that which is worrisome, but that which is beautiful. This is my “life verse”. My reminder to count blessings, give thanks, have faith and be God centered. od’s provision all the good things


But that “aha” feeling…it’s there because you’re feeling inspired to share something.  A bit of you, a bit of your story.  So I hope to encourage you with a simple, heart-led prompt series of shared quotes here on the blog.  In the mean time, go and reflect on the words that resonate in you.  Share them here if you are so inspired!   ♥

Heart of the Holidays {a giveaway}

Here we are on the cusp of The Holiday Season and I have to tell you I am so completely FULL..of excitement and anticipation and reflection and love for all the things I love most about this beautiful time of year.  The traditions, the preparations, the sounds and sights and smells.  And yes, even the busy.  I think I so love this season because Story lives in its every nook and cranny.  And because it keeps me so naturally focused on all the things that matter most to me:  Family, Faith, Memory Making, Tradition, Joy.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to share story encouragements and nudges as part of Tiffany Tillman’s amazing Heart of the Holidays class at  It’s just the kind of project that helps to document the holiday memories with ease and with creativity and with a heart for the story. (more…)

Digital Scrapbooking Day 2012 :: The Happenings

Happy Happy Scrappy Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying all the wonderful happenings all across our scrapbooking community!  I’m looking forward to scrapping a little this weekend and spending some time soaking up inspiration in the galleries!  And hopefully I can squeeze in a little extra fun and shopping too!

Here’s Everything You Need To Know about what’s happening for Plant Your Story this weekend (all images are linked).


Just Press Play

So it likely comes as no surprise that my “thing” is storytelling.  I have deep love for the story.  I kind of ramble on about it.  My greater hope is to encourage others in the telling of their own stories along the way.  And this month I’m happy to introduce a fresh way to have a play with telling your own story!



Just Press Play is a monthly challenge that is story-and-prompt centric.  The spirit of this challenge is inviting and fun and encourages us to take a fresh look at how we are telling our stories.  It’s where story meets creativity.  And journaling meets fun. (more…)

Everyday Storyteller {a giveaway}

Happy Blog Hop!!

Recently I’ve been all a flutter about documenting dialogues.  There is just something so enchanting and so charming and also so revealing about the things we say and hear every day.  These little conversations really color our stories so much.  And it’s that soundtrack of chatterings that I felt compelled to share about in my contribution to Everyday Storyteller (which is so very nearly here!!).

And if there was one little nugget that I would share with you at this moment about documenting dialogue it would be this:  There are always opportunities to preserve the daily “things we hear” if we tune in.  Think outside the box and take advantage of technology when documenting the special sayings and conversations that live in your everyday.

Make use of technology: the notes or voice record capability in your cell phone, applications, and social media to get these things done *as they happen* so you can scrap them later.

For example, on President’s Day when my daughter uttered these words:”Daddy could be president. But he doesn’t have a president outfit.  You really need a tie for that.”  I *knew* I needed to scrap this giggle-worthy moment.  I knew I *needed* to remember just how she delivered these lines.  It was too endearing, too sweet, too humorous and too much an example of who she is at this moment in time for me to risk letting this gem fade into the sea of Other Moments.

But we were out grocery shopping at the time.  So how was I to be sure I would remember this memorable scrappable quotable?  Never fear!  I simply shared the quote as a Facebook status right after I stopped chuckling.  And then I used my Momento app to look back and snag it when I was ready to scrap it:

Today I’m so so thrilled to be sharing this as part of a fantastic blog hop FULL of little tidbits just like this from the contributors to Everyday Storyteller, the new scrapbooking idea e-book (I’ve been excitedly chattering about here and here).

And we’re feeling a little extra celebratory as the launch party  is nearly here!  The whole shebang kicks off at 8:30pm CDT on Friday, May 4. There will be more than $700 in prizes given away from our sponsors during the party.  Which is pretty awesome.  You can join the VIP list {HERE}.

And, AND!  I’m even more thrilled because I have one copy Everyday Storyteller to giveaway today!   

To enter this giveaway: simply comment here telling me your favorite “memorable/scrappable quote” memory

Deadline: 11:59pm CDT on Tuesday, May 1.  

You can visit the rest of the hop for more practical tips and chances to win!

  1. Cheryl Ashcraft
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  27. Betsy Sammarco
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  31. Amy Tan
  32. Tiffany Tillman
  33. Jennifer Wilson

Be sure to enter here before you go.  If you’d like to win a copy of Everyday Storyteller before it’s available to the public, simply comment here telling me your favorite “memorable/scrappable quote” memory  before 11:59pm CDT on Tuesday, May 1.  

 And don’t forget to Sign up for the VIP list to join the exclusive launch party on May 4 and get in on the pre-party fun too.

Lots of luck! <3

Everyday Storyteller :: The Trailer

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