Summer Story 2016. Quotable Inspiration. Free Printable Download. Day Four.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. 

These are words I’ve long loved because they capture the beautiful vulnerability that lives in deep love between people.  It IS brave to give yourself so completely to another. And being loved in that way in return DOES strengthen us as we grow in the safety and security of that love. These words capture so poetically the *rarity* of this kind of love.

And it seemed the perfect choice for this day, my anniversary with my love.

Summer Story 2016 :: Four :: Sara Gleason

Click to Download: One journaling card featuring the featured quote of the day.  The journal card can be used in scrapbooking pages and projects, pocket scrapbooking spreads and layouts (both digital and traditional paper) and other creative summer projects from traveler’s notebooks to mini books to planners.  The card is available as a single individual .png file and also on an easy-to-print high resolution PDF file.


You can access this free download by clicking on the preview image above or by clicking the download button or text below.


Summer Story 2016 :: Four

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