So I’ve had a few people ask me what the “mfeo” in my (now retired) Ooey-Gooey {clipped} + {story seeds} release means and so I figured I’d share at the risk of further deeming myself a HUGE geek.

So here goes.  MFEO is something that stuck with me from the film “Sleepless in Seattle”…it comes from the scene wherein Annie (Meg Ryan) reads the letter from Sam (Tom Hanks), (which is really from his son Jonah with help from his friend Jessica), but ANYway…the scene goes like this:


Becky: So I mailed your letter.

Annie: “Dear Annie, thanks for your letter. It was great. You sound neat. We’re very excited about meeting you in New York on Valentine’s Day and seeing if we are M-F-E-O. See you soon. Sleepless in Seattle.

Becky: M-F-E-O?

Annie: “Made for each other”.

Becky: It’s cute. It’s like a little clue. So he can’t write. Big deal. Verbal ability is a highly over-rated thing in a guy and our pathetic need for it is what gets us into so much trouble.


Like I said..I’m a bit of a geek.  And it may very well have been a little joke with myself, but there you have it.  LOL!

I actually think that MFEO makes for a fun little story starter.

  • You can use it to direct your steps for a page about a friendship or love story.
  • MFEO can be used as a title for your page
  • Or it can be placed on any tab or tag and used as a kind of caption for a photo
  • It can be used in hashtag form #mfeo in journaling or captioning or dating

I can already think of several photos and stories where MFEO will be right at home.

Incidentally, how before-her-time is that little girl Jessica (played by Gaby Hoffman) with all her little text-y, using acronyms-y speak?

Hope you have a fabulous and fun day!

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