It's hard to believe our very first Grow With Love project has concluded.  We were SO excited and eager to share this adventure in scrapping with you and with every fresh day and every fresh prompt we felt more challenged and more inspired and even happier that we embarked on this project. 

Since this project involved some hopping back and forth from my blog and Crystal's blog and since it's something we hope you will revisit or share with others, I wanted to make a post where everything was compiled in one place –for anyone who wants to scrap the prompts at anytime to have easy access to all the posts and inspiration.

The backstory:  Crystal and I have had it on our hearts for a long time to collaborate on a project that was something more than "just" templates.  But also a project of journaling prompts so that anyone who wanted to delve into a special kind of storytelling could join have place to start.  We were inspired by our own real life musings and reflections into our loves and relationships and so Grow With Love: Marriage Edition was born.  It is a series of 20 templates and 20 journaling prompts that we hope will inspire you to scrap about and improve your own loves and relationships.  You can snag the templates and prompts here or here

To recap:  We spent 4 weeks or 20 days exploring the journaling prompts together.  We wanted to share the process and delve into the prompts on our blogs so that anyone could participate at any time, using the templates we created for the project or not.  Each day (Monday – Friday) we hopped back and forth between my blog and Crystal's blog, exploring a fresh prompt.  Anyone was and is welcome to join us any time.  This is a self-paced project. 

The posts:

Day One :One Word

Day Two: Your Love Story

Day Three: The Courtship

Day Four: Advise Yourself

Day Five: The Best Gift

Day Six: Do Something

Day Seven: Soundtrack of Your Love

Day Eight: Find the Good

Day Nine: Give Thanks

Day Ten: Choose to Love

Day Eleven : He Said She Said

Day Twelve: Look In the Mirror

Day Thirteen: "I'm Sorry"

Day Fourteen: Pay Attention

Day Fifteen: Hello

Day Sixteen: Pet Names

Day Seventeen : Date Night

Day Eighteen: It's Personal

Day Nineteen: Letter From the Heart

Day Twenty: Reflect

Thank you SO very much for the enthusiastic response and feedback about Grow With Love.  I know that the process meant a lot to Crystal and I and we absolutely loved seeing all your pages.  We hope you will continue to share them with us!  We were thrilled to see this idea conveyed in all kinds of pages and not just those using our templates…we even saw Grow With Love "spilling over" into paper scrapbooking as well.  And that was SO thrilling to us because that is just what we hoped for this adventure…that it would inspire you to scrap and challenge yourselves in whatever your medium and in whatever way inspires you the most!

I'm happy to say we always envisioned this idea and Grow With Love as a series because storytelling like this is something that is so very close to both our hearts.  This marriage edition was just the *first* edition and we will be releasing and sharing others in the near future.  We hope you'll join us for those as well!

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