So I have a confession.  I’m kind of a wordy girl.  I heard it said somewhere “anyone who uses one word, when they could have used ten, just isn’t trying hard enough” and I felt like that line was written just for me.  I wouldn’t say I am “windbaggy” per se, but let’s just say conciseness is not my cup of tea.  Apparently.

While I’m confessing, I should probably also tell you that I am kind of a cheesey, sentimental, traditional, ooey-gooey girl.  I appreciate words that edify and uplift and support and encourage and make people smile.  Words of praise and love make my heart all a flutter.  I guess you could say “words of affirmation” is one of my “love languages”.  I’m the kind of person who has kept every letter, note, and scrap of paper exchanged between my husband and me over the years.


Anyway, so I tend to write a lot and I also really love to give words of affirmation and that means I always really love prompts like today’s prompt for Grow With Love: Letters.  The kind where I can just write from my heart, say everything that’s on my mind and shower love and praise on someone I love very much.

Let’s take a peek at today’s prompt to see what I mean:

Maybe this is just the kind of challenge that would appeal to you too.  Or maybe it comes at a time when it feels difficult or uncomfortable.  But I promise you these are the prompts that really end up meaning the most to us, in the end and in the big picture. And so I hope you’ll really dive in to this with an open heart.

And the possibilities for scrapping this are fabulously numerous.  You can write to your spouse, you can write to a child, to a dear friend, to a parent or family member.  And you can set the mood with your papers and elements, your photo treatment, your typography.  You can scan the letter you’ve written, you can scrap it, you can photograph it.  No matter what avenue you choose, I hope you will let your loved one read your words.  See how it touches them and uplifts them, and maybe even feel how it does the same to you in the uplifting.

Here are a few examples from our brand new Grow With Love creative team…I love the range of emotion they have captured here.

from Kelly:










How will you let this prompt inspire you?

We’d love to see your pages if you’d like to share!   And remember, you can jump in to this Grow With Love journey with us anytime.  This is a self-paced project and the prompts will remain available {HERE} indefinitely.

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