I woke up this morning to bright sunny skies and we are in that beautiful interim period of nice warm, but-not-too-hot weather, so it was like being greeted with a “nature smile”.  Which always puts me in a mood of gratefulness and pondersomeness.  And cheese-yness, and make-up-my-own-wordness, apparently.  But truthfully, it’s been one of those weeks where days aren’t really going as planned, or falling into line.  When tasks don’t get crossed off the list, where bumps come up in the road, and where worries clog the mind…so this sunny perspective was like a breath of fresh air, this morning.  Instead of thinking of obstacles, I was thinking of gifts.  Isn’t it amazing how moments like that can re-frame your days?  When you are reminded that you can choose how to react to the cards you’ve been dealt?  And that it’s actually a good hand you’re holding?

ANYway..all this to say I was so happy to be pondering gifts today, as it so beautifully meshes with our current journey in Grow With Love.  Today is a letter writing day!  And we are considering gifts this month.  So far we’ve reflected about memorable gifts and written letters that celebrate the gifts in those we love.  Today, we will take a moment to pause, much like I did this morning.  And in that quiet space, we will let ourselves consider our own gifts.

Let’s take a look at today’s prompt:

Do you find it difficult to consider and celebrate your personal gifts?  Do you feel as though you know your strengths?  When you look at your life, are you using them?  How do others describe your gifts?  Think of these things as you put together a page and write about a gift that you have…something that makes you YOU.  Something you feel defines who you are or points you in the direction you hope to go.

I love how the GWL Storytellers captured the spirit of this prompt.  Each in their own way.  I find so much inspiration in these pages:







If you are new to Grow With Love, we hope you’ll feel inspired to join us any time!  You can find an archive of posts and prompts {HERE}.  Crystal and I love to see your pages and we can’t wait to continue in this journey with you!

A couple things to note about GWL happenings on the horizon.  Starting in April, Crystal and I will be posting these GWL: Letters posts at Plant Your Story every Wednesday.  The archive will continue to be available and everything will remain the same, just a wee different venue.  Annnnd…we will be launching the next BIG Grow With Love project with expanded content and inspiration and much much more very soon!  Can’t wait to tell you more!

In the meantime be sure to swing by Crystal’s blog for Day 12 next Wednesday 30 March.  Happy Scrapping!

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