Happy Tuesday and Happy Day Ten of Grow With Love: Holiday!!  I feel as though I’ve time warped from the beginning of December to this moment because a good ten days in between was spent in complete sick-haze-couch-land and doesn’t count.  I have to be honest, those days when I was feeling really terrible were a challenge for me.  I LOVE this time of year.  And I felt so discouraged and spent and completely devoid of the holiday spirit.  So it was definitely an exercise in deliberate focus for me to stay focused on the positives…like the sound of my Bugga’s voice each morning (even when she herself was feeling yucky) discovered our little elf Rachel and her elf-y mischief or the sound of holiday tunes or lounging and watching my favorite holiday movies.  We had to forgoe a lot of what we were looking forward to, but the important thing was we had each other and the whole point of this season was still there.  We just had to work a wee bit harder to feel it.

We are nearing the end of Grow With Love: Holiday and despite all the busy (or all the sick) I hope that feeling of magic and warm is filling you up now!  These prompts will remain up indefinitely and you can find any and all of them (as well as other Grow With Love projects): {HERE}.  Feel free to dive in at any time!

Today’s prompt is another that has us considering a specific aspect of the holidays and one that can be deeply infused with meaning…music:

Even though there may be moments when I feel “tired” of hearing all the musical holiday notes everywhere we go this time of year, mostly I just love it all to bits.  I looove holiday music!  I am working on a page now that showcases my favorite holiday songs in a “playlist”.  And it includes some that make me giggle and warm my heart (like I Want a Hippopatomus for Christmas):

a totally random pairing but song I just can’t get enough of in Bing Crosby singing with David Bowie (ummm..huh? lol!) Little Drummer Boy:

Oodles of other favorites from the Bing and Sinatra and Ella era, plus many traditional hymns and choral pieces and of course my most favorite (as in gives me the chills every single time I hear it), O Holy Night …really any version amazes me but I loove Josh Groban’s version:

ANYhoo…I could do this all night. I love love holiday music.  So I’m excited to finish scrapping my music-y page while listening to some of these tunes.  You can choose many to showcase, or one that is extra special to you.  One that annoys you, one that uplifts you, one that takes you back to a special Christmas moment.  Whatever you scrap I hope that you have fun reflecting on the sounds of the season.

Tomorrow the family and I head to the Polar Express train ride (the Grand Canyon Railroad) and I can’t wait!  It will be just what we all need to get us feeling better and FULL of happy holiday spirit.  I hope you and yours have beautiful days and moments leading up to Christmas!!  ♥

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