So whew! Here we are, halfway through week three of the Grow With Love project and we are in the midst of some of the heavier prompts…the ones that really have us getting introspective and challenging us to take accountability.  This can be difficult and maybe even a little emotionally exhausting.  But our hope is that when all is said and done, you’ll have found it an exercise in growing and evolving…something cathartic maybe and ultimately rewarding.

Hang in there because I think you’ll feel really encouraged and energized as we look back at the process and our pages.  And there are some lighter and fun prompts on the horizon.  I’m offering the encouragement partly because I’m feeling I need it myself at this stage in the process.  LOL!

So let’s take a look at today’s prompt.  This is Day Thirteen.

This was another prompt that I found challenging.  Not so much for the act of apologizing.  Because for the most part I really believe in the power of those two little words: “I’m sorry”.  But challenging in the sense that this has us really looking at some of the uglier things we may have said and done, or the uglier attitudes and resentments.  And it’s never fun to consider where we may have hurt someone we care so much about.  Because let’s face matter where things may be at this moment with your loved one none of us said “I hate you and you hate me, let’s get married”.  No, we chose to make a commitment in our hearts and minds because this is our “person”.  This is the one we love more than any other.  And so when there are hard times and when we hurt them or get hurt, it can be really painful and muddy and accountability can be hard.

One thing I found useful for this prompt and most of these meatier ones, was to focus on the whole idea of “choice” in our love and how we choose to act in our marriages.  And how I hope my daughter will see me as a woman and wife.  And so this page became a reflection of an attitude of “ownership” for myself and my feelings and actions.  And I decided to go with something really simple here…letting the words be central to reflect (hopefully) their earnestness.

I hope you feel, as I did, after writing and reflecting and scrapping this page, a sense of calmness..and maybe even a bit of lightness as if a weight is lifted.

As always, if you’re just finding us feel free to check out Day One to review the basics and then follow prompts we’ve covered so far.  We would love for you to join us any time and in any way you feel comfortable!

And don’t forget to visit Crystal’s blog tomorrow for Day Fourteen.  Happy Scrapping!

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