Sooo I’ve been in a sort of la-la land recently soaking up some much needed family time and so I missed posting about this month’s 5-5-5 collab at After Five.  If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a monthly collaboration between A5 designers and it’s a steal for 5 days (hello 50% off), starting on the 5th of the month, every month.  After that magical five days, the kit goes back to full price.  Some of my most favorite kits have been borne out of the 555s, and this month was the first time I got to collaborate with the girls!

And what is doubly exciting is that this month’s inspiration is something that’s been on my heart for some time…and something that inspired my upcoming release for Thursday too…and that is family stories, family legacy, heritage, family trees and all that family family-y stuff.  (did I set the record for number of times a person could use the word “family” in one sentence?  yes? good.)  And so I’m happy to share with you, this month’s 5-5-5 collab Heirloom Garden.  Participating Designers are our June Guest Designer: Irene Alexeeva,
Cinnamon Designs, FruitLoOp Sally, Glam Fairy Designs, Jazzmin Designs, K
Studio, Kristin Aagard, Nikki Beaudreau, and me!  Woot!

Here’s a closer look at the kit which is packed full of beautifulness.




and here’s a peek at my templates which are also included:


and some inspiration from my crazy talented team:


Heirloom Garden, the 555, is on sale until Thursday for five dollars a.k.a. 50% off.  So hope you enjoy it!

And keep your eyes peeled for more family-inspired goodness from me later this week.  As well as a fun little something I think will be like balm to your inner crafty heart.



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