Happy Happy {inter} National Digital Scrapbooking Day weekend!!

It’s the usual refrain and I still love it as much and as deeply as I did when I first began scrapbooking many many moons ago.  No matter what Stories we are living and writing, the Art of Remembering them is so dear to my heart.

I so love this time of year when those of us who love to make memories and keep them, play with paper or pen, document our stories and explore our creativity get to have so much fun celebrating our love for scrapbooking and storytelling.

And so I enthusiastically exclaim many “Happy Happy”s as we Storytellers, we Memory Keepers, we Family Historians, we Documentarians and Curators, we Artists and Journalers celebrate our love for scrapbooking and storytelling.

And here is the annual Everything You Need to Know about what is happening for Sara Gleason products this weekend.  (All images are linked).



There are also opportunities for additional savings in the annual PYS Savings Guide!






I hope you enjoy this weekend of celebrating Story!  My hope is to spend some time soaking up inspiration and maybe even scrap some stories!  Happy Happy!

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