Happy Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day weekend!!

This year it seems extra special to me because I am diving back in to creativity after maternity leave and it feels like a big, warm, cozy hug.

I so love this time of year when those of us who love to make memories and keep them, play with paper or pen, document our stories and explore our creativity get to have so much fun celebrating our love for scrapbooking and storytelling.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know about what’s happening for Plant Your Story this weekend (all images are linked).



This year there is an opportunity to save BIG on page design templates with the 2014 DSD :: 5 for $10 Special Offer.  Build your own custom grab bag by choosing any 5 of your favorite template products from my store, for only $10.  Only exceptions are Template Album products and the current 2014 DSD Grab Bag with Crystal Livesay.  All other template products are eligible. 

Simply click on the image below or { on this link } to be taken to the product listing.  Follow the directions there and have fun choosing your favorites!



There are also opportunities for additional savings in the annual PYS Savings Guide!  These savings offers cannot be combined with the 5 for $10 offer.






I hope that  you enjoy this weekend of fun and games and scrapping and shopping!  I’m hoping to spend some good time in the galleries soaking up amazing inspiration, having a chat or two and doing a little shopping!  Happy Scrapping!

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