Currently.  A peek into my creative process as I created Petals no.7, releasing this weekend.  I was inspired by the warm colors of autumn leaves and layers…as many of us are (daydreaming of) bundling up against the crisp autumn air.





Usual cast of characters: tissue papers, other texture based mediums (this time it was cork and burlap, corrugated cardboard and ribbon), template for cutting, paints, mists, paper bags (which are my most favorite “canvas” for getting painty and spashy and smatter-y).

Creating my Petals collection might very well be my favorite creative endeavor.  I don’t usually have a plan, just a palette.  I especially love playing with paper.  And with paint.  I set aside time to play with both, listening to music and just experimenting with my creativity.  I used to be intimidated by this kind of “playing” with art.  It is rather wandering and fluid and without a specific destination.  I never know exactly what I want to create.  But I always LOVE the process and usually feel really happy with the final result.

The fruit of this process looks like this in the end: