{fresh seeds} 1 May

I’m really thrilled to share with you my debut releases available exclusively at After Five Designs.  And we are celebrating {inter} National Scrapbooking Day with a storewide sale of 35% off and lots of fun and games in the forum too!

First I have two offerings from my “Fresh Cut” line of templates.  The “Fresh Cut” series of templates are designed with a little more
restraint in mind offering a cleaner page design for those who prefer
simpler pages, while still affording you room to “play” and add to the
page to suit your personal scrapping sensibilities.




I’ve been completely awed by how my team has expressed themselves and shared their stories with these templates.  I love the range here in style and how each made the templates their own..some modified them quite a lot, and others less so, but every page really shows off their amazing creativity.  And at the same time revealing just how fun it is to play with a template…and how versatile a tool a template is. Just take a look at this gorgeous inspiration!

by Lia




by Kelly


by Gabi



by Erica


Next, I have two offerings from my “Full Bloom” line of templates.  Which, as the name implies, is a series of templates that are designed in the spirit of a
“fuller” page, with many little details and a little more depth, while
still affording you room to “play” and modify the page to suit your
personal scrapping sensibilities.



And here’s how my team played with these…WOW, right?!


by Nunik


by Gabi


by Ivana


by Madlen


by Erica


by Crystal


by Lia


I’m also really excited to share with you my first set of “Plant Your Story” templates.  The “Plant Your Story” series is designed to emphasize the storytelling of your pages.  This first set is called “Letters and Lessons”…which is inspired by an album I’m creating for my Bugga; it is essentially an album of letters to her, where I share my thoughts and my heart about life, lessons, what I hope she’ll learn and carry with her as she grows, or simply about moments we’ve shared.  But they all share the thread of being centered around the story.


by Kelly


by Madlen


by Leslie


by me



There’s more too..but it really deserves its own post and you’ll see
why.  It’s BIG.  And it’s so exciting!

I can’t tell you grateful I have been for the outpouring of support and encouragement!! It really means the world to me!  I hope that I can be a part of helping you tell your own stories and create your own art…I so hope you like these and have fun playing with them!





Well so I guess now I’m fully bloomed.  LOL!!  That’s right, it’s official…you can visit me at zinnias and swallowtails at After Five Designs!  I’m really excited and a little bit nauseous, but mostly I’m so honored to have been
encouraged and supported on this fresh journey along side the kind and
talented designers there!  Can’t wait for you to get to know me and my template designs.  And I so hope you love them!

a wee peek




Everything will be going live in just a few short hours and I can’t wait for you to see what’s to come!  Just to wet your whistle a little I thought I share with you a quick wee peek of what’s to come….


And I can’t resist sharing just a couple pages from my team…they have been inspiring me all week with their creativity and talent as they’ve been playing with my template designs.





Soon soon soon I’ll be able to post more inspiration and tell you all about where I’m going to be making my debut…plus I’ll be posting a freebie for you and sharing fun giveaways and special codes, on twitter and on facebook.  So stay tuned!!

{ blooming soon}

So here I am taking the first steps (or planting the first seeds, if you will) of a fresh adventure and journey and just like with any new venture I’m feeling SO very excited and a little apprehensive.  But most of all I’m thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to grow and I can’t wait to share it all with you!




If you know me, you probably know that I’m completely out-of-my-gourd in love with scrapbooking.  It all started many years ago when I was first drawn to explore my creativity and storytelling as a paper scrapper (which I’m sad to say I was never terribly good at, but oh how I loved it).  Then in May 2008 I finally delved into digital scrapbooking.  And I haven’t looked back since. I was smitten from the very first
click. The digital medium has given me the confidence to really explore
my own creativity in ways I hadn’t been able to with other crafty
projects. I love love LOVE capturing the everyday moments of my family
and sharing our stories through my scrapping.

Recently, I was encouraged by friends and loved ones to explore template design.
In some ways designing templates seemed like a new evolution for me and
my creativity. But ultimately, it comes down to this: if I can be a
part of, and encourage others to scrap their memories, share their
stories, or create their art in any small way…I would love that.
Because to me, the creation and the remembering–it’s one of the most
beautiful expressions of ourselves for those we love.

And so my goal is to create template designs that will help you do just that: plant your story, scrap your memories, write your love song to your loved ones, express your creativity.  My hope is, through varied offerings — of both “cleaner” and more detailed designs and some that focus on storytelling, or playing with techniques — scrappers of every style will be encouraged and supported in their scrapping.

In just two days I will be debuting my template designs at an established digital scrapbooking shoppe.  I can’t tell you *just* yet where that will be, but I can say that will be working along side some fabulously talented and sweet designers.  Stay tuned here for lots of news, sneak peeks, information, giveaways, and an exclusive freebie in the coming days.

On Saturday 1 May everything will go live and the fun begins!

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