Fresh Seeds | Grace Collaboration with Lynne-Marie

Grace means different things to different people.  To me, “grace” is about kindness; forgiveness; seeing the best in others and ourselves; seeing the good things in the world; letting go of hurts, mistakes and dark times in our lives; knowing that we are all works in progress; intentionally finding the beauty around us, in others — and importantly — in ourselves; and feeling the empowerment of loving and caring in spite of circumstance.  It’s at once a gift to give and to receive.  It can be a source of great joy and peace.  And it’s something that inspires my everyday.

And so when I saw that this theme and topic was one Lynne-Marie mapped out for a place in her Love Yourself journey, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it.  The result of our collaboration was a fabulous exercise in creativity and expression as we both poured our hopes into this product.

And today I’m so happy to introduce Grace, a collaboration with Lynne-Marie:

lynnemarie_Grace_storepv (more…)

Fresh Seeds | DSD 2013 Grab Bag

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!!

I am so happy to say that in addition to my fresh November BYOC products, the opportunities for savings with the PYS savings guide, a new Sparkle Confetti freebie on my Facebook page, my contribution to the quarterly DigiScrap Parade, and all the fun and games to be had in The Lilypad forums, I also have a brand new release!

One of my most favorite “traditions” of celebrating All Things Scrappy, is the collaborative fun I have with long-time friend Crystal Livesay. And every year we look forward to creating our annual Grab Bag for DSD.

It’s here and it’s inspired by paper play and as ever these page designs are versatile enough to suit any scrapping style or story:

sgleason_dsd2013gbfull_preview (more…)

DigiScrap Parade November 2013 :: Our Life

One of the wonderful happenings for DSD weekend is the launch of the quarterly DigiScrap Parade!

The DigiScrap Parade is a fun “hopping” experience for scrapbookers and storytellers wherein they can “hop” about a series of blogs or Facebook pages to gather pieces to a coordinating collection to scrap their memories.  It is meant to be a sampling of products from wonderful designers in the community, offered quarterly.  I am happy to be a part of the November hop which features a collection inspired by warm love and color for scrapping stories of family, home, love and happy hearts.  For more information and for all the links to the hop, please stop by the DigiScrap Parade website.

Here’s my contribution to Our Life:



You can snag Our Life by clicking on the image above or the link button below.

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My contribution can also be found on my Facebook page where you’ll find another fresh (and sparkly!) free download and lots of news and savings opportunities.  Happy Scrapping!

Fresh Seeds | Ash Tree

I really find myself inspired by all things list-y, by numbers, and by any stories that find themselves rooted in those things.

Journaling a list is a fantastic method for capturing the story and the details that live in our every day.  And it can be fun to center the story around a number by creating a portrait of a loved one (or yourself) at a certain age, for example, or by documenting a specific day or time of day, or even documenting the number of times your daughter wants to watch her favorite My Little Pony show (we’re at 73, for the record).

So many stories have a connection to numbers, and to listing.  And so it was that spirit of story that inspired my latest collection fresh for the November BYOC at The Lilypad and just in time for Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Meet Ash Tree {elements} and Ash Tree {papers}:







And joining the element and paper collections is this set of {words and numbers}.  FULL of various numerals and number-centric elements, journal cards, and of word art pieces that focus on counting gratitudes, giving thanks, finding the good things, focusing on what matters most.

This set is a beautiful complement to Ash Tree and would work perfectly for celebrating gratitude, finding the positives and embracing deliberate thankfulness. It lends itself well to 30 Days of Gratitude projects or any other story or page featuring numbers, gratitude or both:





Get inspired with these pages..I love the range of story here!
















I hope you enjoy playing with the Ash Tree collection!  I would love to see your pages!  Share with me on Facebook or in my gallery at The Lilypad or Plant Your Story!

And now it’s time for the Digital Scrapbooking Day hullaballoo to begin!  Happy Scrapping!

Fresh Seeds | Petals no. 7 & Story Snips No. 1

I love all things autumn-y.  I love that combination of crisp air and warm color and glowing sun.

I also love all things word-y.  I love playing with language, embracing my own quirks of lexicon and assigning meaning to things with my words.

And it’s both of those loves that have inspired this week’s fresh releases.

Meet Petals no. 7:



This Petals collection is an earthy, warm, happy, and paper-y collection of hand-crafted layered paper borders/mats. Petals no. 7 features 23 different mixed media layered paper borders: tissue borders, painted borders, chevron borders, scallop borders, papery borders featuring a variety of textures. No two are the same and none are re-colored. Use them alone or layer them to create custom mats and trims.  There are several pieces that really let versatile neutrals shine (cork, kraft, cardboard) so they can work cohesively with many different palettes and products.

Petals no. 7 is available at The Lilypad for 30% off through Monday October 21st, 2013 as part of the Halloween Bash.  Subscribers of the Garden Report also get an exclusive  additional 10% savings.

I’m also really excited about Story Snips no.1:


Story Snips no. 1 is a set of 16 hand-written word-art esque phrases, words, and doodled snips for use on photos, in digital or hybrid scrapbook layouts and projects.

TLP has launched a new line of “mobile ready” fonts for use in smartphone applications.

Story Snips is just one such mobile-ready “dingbat” font that you can download immediately to your smartphone or tablet upon download.  And then you can load the font into apps such as Over (iOS) or Phonto (Android + iOS) to use for embellishing and “decorating” photos for uploading to your favorite sites and to social media. (You can see a kind of visual outline of how this works in this blog post on The Lilypad blog).

AND/OR you can purchase Story Snips as PNG and brush files.  These PNG files act as word art and .abr files can be used as brushes.  Both allow for easy re-coloring to match the palettes and products of your digital or hybrid storytelling and scrapbooking projects.

The best deal is the bundle (both!) which you can select from the drop down when you put the product in your cart.

Story Snips no. 1 is 20% off through Monday 21, 2013.   Subscribers of the Garden Report also get an exclusive  additional 10% savings.



And here is some beautiful inspiration:


















I hope you enjoy playing with the Petals no. 7 and Story Snips no.1!   I’m turning my eyes and energies toward the joy that is DSD which is — can you believe — only two weeks away?!  Looking forward to all that is on the horizon for that!

In the mean time be sure to stop by the Halloween Bash over at The Lilypad.  It’s full of fun and games and savings!


Currently. A Date With Paint and Paper

Currently.  A peek into my creative process as I created Petals no.7, releasing this weekend.  I was inspired by the warm colors of autumn leaves and layers…as many of us are (daydreaming of) bundling up against the crisp autumn air.





Usual cast of characters: tissue papers, other texture based mediums (this time it was cork and burlap, corrugated cardboard and ribbon), template for cutting, paints, mists, paper bags (which are my most favorite “canvas” for getting painty and spashy and smatter-y).

Creating my Petals collection might very well be my favorite creative endeavor.  I don’t usually have a plan, just a palette.  I especially love playing with paper.  And with paint.  I set aside time to play with both, listening to music and just experimenting with my creativity.  I used to be intimidated by this kind of “playing” with art.  It is rather wandering and fluid and without a specific destination.  I never know exactly what I want to create.  But I always LOVE the process and usually feel really happy with the final result.

The fruit of this process looks like this in the end:


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