Month: September 2012

{fresh seeds} Trellis and Marigold

It’s September.  And I’m still shocked that’s so.  So when I say that, I’m saying it with an extra emphasis of disbelief, “It’s Sep.tem.ber.”  Feel free to add (!!!!!!!) for added effect.  You could also slowly shake your head.  Or raise your eyebrows as high as they’ll go.

But it’s true.  And despite my lamenting over just how quickly time passes every month, the start of each month does make me oh so happy because that means it’s BYOC time at The Lilypad.  And this month, we’ve revived the classic school-y palette and spirit of 2011’s Wicked Smart collaboration.  The result is a fabulous collection of academic inspired goodies that will perfectly suit any school-y story.  And yet the range and depth of the offerings bring versatility to them so they can be used for everyday stories too.  It’s an amazing collection that makes me want to scrap, scrap, scrap. (more…)

Just Press Play :: September 2012



Welcome to the first Just Press Play monthly story challenge!!  Just Press Play is a monthly challenge that is story-and-prompt centric.   My hope is to encourage you to Just.Press.Play.  Just start, just begin.  Dive in to telling your story one page, one journal prompt at a time and have a lot of fun in the process.

It goes like this: I post a prompt.  You get your story on, creating and sharing your page or project inspired by the journaling nudge.     One winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to my store! (more…)

Just Press Play

So it likely comes as no surprise that my “thing” is storytelling.  I have deep love for the story.  I kind of ramble on about it.  My greater hope is to encourage others in the telling of their own stories along the way.  And this month I’m happy to introduce a fresh way to have a play with telling your own story!



Just Press Play is a monthly challenge that is story-and-prompt centric.  The spirit of this challenge is inviting and fun and encourages us to take a fresh look at how we are telling our stories.  It’s where story meets creativity.  And journaling meets fun. (more…)