Month: June 2012

{fresh seeds} retiring

This week is a Week of Retiring Products over at The Lilypad where gobs and gobs of products are available throughout the week for 50% off before we say goodbye to them forever and ever.

And I’m saying goodbye to the following products:  Dandelion (templates, story seeds and the full “garden”), Bountiful, Liatris {story seeds}, Daisy {painty} and {story seeds}, Happy Noodle stamps, and Ooey Gooey {words and alpha} and {clipped}.   Each is available for 50% off from 18 June through 24 June 2012. (more…)

Spotted {06.10.2012}

One of my most favorite things to do when I have the time is just to spend a few many slow moments wandering the galleries and soaking up all the inspiration that lives there.  Whether a person shares pages for a creative team or for no particular reason at all the fact that they have shared it..out something pretty wonderful.  I love seeing all the art and stories (and hearts) shared.  It’s like a wonderful, creative kind of  Lazy Sunday Afternoon Drive.  I take my time.  I stop and smell the roses.  I just soak it all up.  And every time I do that, I walk away feeling inspired and even more in love with scrapbooking. (more…)

{fresh seeds} Bannered

I’m so very happy to share this week’s release..a fresh collaboration with Crystal Livesay of Live Your Stories.  We were inspired by all things sunny and happy and fun to bring you this series of templates that feature one of scrapbooking’s most classic and loved page elements: banners.  And we so hope you like them!!

Meet Bannered:


{fresh seeds} Coreopsis, Coneflower and Garland

Happy June!!!  And I can’t actually believe that I just said “Happy June!”.  Time flies ever faster.  But here we are and it’s sunny and bright and all the typical trappings of summer (Heat, Crazy Heat, and More Heat) have landed.  In fact, as I type the temperature gauge reads 112°.

And with all the sunny and summery comes another fabulous BYOC at The Lilypad.  It’s full of bright and happy colors and fun energy.

And it’s the bright and happy and summery that inspired these fresh products.

I just loved getting crafty with my punches and paper and baker’s twine to create these hand-crafted paper punched pennant-y and twine-y banner trims.  Meet Garland: (more…)

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