So, I was just waxing poetically about my aspirations for documenting my own December this year and it’s that hope for embracing the moment, the details, the imperfections and the storyMaking that inspired the creation of this week’s fresh release: Pear Tree {the album}.  It is a project that has been in the works for many days and weeks now and that the ever-so-considerate Sick derailed from my hoped-for timeline.  But it’s here.  And I’m really excited about it.  And I hope that you’ll find it’s FULLness and it’s classic and versatile pieces a wonderful stand alone project or supplement to any December storytelling project you are embarking upon this year.

It was created with a heart for giving you options, for creating the kind of pages and/or album that fits the story you will create and document this year.  It is a project full of possibilities and one that lets you embrace your own creative directions while getting to the heart of what matters most to you this time of year: the details.  I really believe that magic lives in the details.

It’s BIG and it’s versatile. It’s full of pages of various sizes, from simple to more layer-y. All with the hope of helping you easily document your December.

Meet Pear Tree {the album}:

This layered template album can be used in whole or in part, for digital or hybrid scrapping of your December stories. Includes templates in varied styles and sizes so you can pick your favorite size or mix and match to create a mixed media kind of album.

Every template design is unique while still carrying a cohesive look for an overall album and classic enough to be able to mesh well with any other projects. They are meant to be built upon with your own style and customization and can be used with any products. You can also re-use any of the design pages throughout the album, flipping and modifying to make them your own and to suit your scrapping or album needs and style.

You can mix and match the sizes with each other, you can mix and match the background paper pieces, the photo spot design layers, the overlays or trims here and there to make this album completely your own. Or you can use it in a straight-forward way too. Have fun playing with all the components to create what suits your story best!

The album contents include:

* 25 12×12 layered templates (in .psd + .tiff formats). These can be used as is or easily sized down to suit whatever album size you may be after (I’m going 8×8!)

* 15 6×8 layered templates (in .psd + .tiff formats). These can be used alone or as a supplement to the larger pages or any other pages you may be creating this holiday season.

* 10 5×7 layered templates (in .psd + .tiff formats). These too can be used alone as a mini album or as a supplement to the larger page sizes or any other pages you may be creating this holiday season.

Pear Tree also includes some additional album designing goodies:

* 10 BIG word transparency overlays (made to fit 6×8 pages or photos but can be resized to suit your needs) sentiments include: Bright, Family, Favorite, Happy, Holiday, Joy, Laugh, Love, Merry, Tradition, Tree, Wish

* 10 transparency overlays in various sizes (5×7, 6×8, 12×12) which can be used to overlay papers or photos or printed on transparencies. Patterns are classic and versatile.

* BIG number transparency overlays for the entire month (December 1 – 31)

* 12 simple frames for photos or paper/journaling spaces in various sizes (2×2 instagram size, 3×3, 5×7, 6×8, and 12×12)

* 12 word stamps for stamping photos or papers. Sentiments include: Advent, Anticipation, Deck the Halls, Fa la la, Giving, Laughter, Magic, Memories, Merry, Noel, Tradition, Twinkle

* 17 clippable trims for clipping papers or photos (in .png format and sized BIG for easy resizing)

All the transparency overlays can be used to create actual printed transparencies for hybrid or traditional paper scrapping projects or they can be used digitally in a variety of ways.

The pages and the extras are created with a heart for Documenting YOUR December. And I so hope you have fun with them!

In total, when all is said and done this is a collection of 50 templates and oodles of extra details and tools.  I can’t wait to use it myself and share the process with you!

I hope you find Pear Tree a lot of fun to work with and make your own!  And something that will help you document your stories with a boost of ease and time!

Pear Tree {the album} is available for $10 (and only $8 through Sunday 4 December!) at The Lilypad

In other news, and something that is equally special to me…this week marks the release of the final installment of the Grow With Love: Letters project.

This is Grow With Love: Letters Edition {December}:

The {December} installment is inspired by the holiday season and by the close of another year. We explore sentimental, silly and more traditional takes on documenting our stories of “reflection”, tradition, and holiday in encouraging journaling prompts.

And here’s a spot of GWL inspiration {so gorgeous}:

Pear Tree {the album} and Grow With Love: Letters Edition {December} are available in my shoppe at The Lilypad through Monday 5 September for 20% off through Sunday 4 December!

As always I looove to see your stories and art too, so please feel free to share with me anytime.  Really!  Just shoot me a mail or share them on my facebook page.  And if you haven’t signed up the newsletter yet you may want to do that so you can be the first to hear the latest news and get the latest exclusive savings.
Happy December!  Happy Scrapping!!!