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{grow with love} day fifteen

Happy Friday lovebugs!

I so hope that you have found a lot to be inspired by this week and so far throughout the project!  If you’re just finding us you can find the background and details in Day One or Day Eleven.  I have to say I’ve been so excited to hear the wonderful feedback about the project in both digital and paper scrapbooking circles!  I know there are some playing along with both the templates and prompts and others just with the prompts…and Crystal and I are so encouraged by the stories we see being shared!  Seriously some of the most beautiful pages are emerging as you all work through these prompts.

So let’s dive in to today.  We’ve had a few heavy prompts this week as we reflect on our own (sometimes) bad behaviors and attitudes and how we can improve ourselves.  Yesterday we got to share (and gush) about our loved ones and the things they love. Today’s prompt is another really wonderful “act” prompt — where we encourage you to try something in a tangible way in your lives.  Let’s take a look:

So maybe this sounds a little cheesy to you, or maybe you are thinking this is kinda weird and uncomfortable, or maybe you already go out of your way to greet your spouse in a special way when you see them so this seems like “no big deal”.  But I will share that both Crystal and I have found that this little action — of really giving our spouse our undivided and sincere attention when we greet them — has made an impact in our relationships in ways we may not have thought mattered before.  I know my husband really appreciates this gesture..I can read it on his face and in his demeanor.

The idea is to make a conscious effort to greet your spouse with warmth (at the door perhaps with a kiss and a hug and a welcome home or a “good morning” with a cup of coffee).  Remember when you were courting and you couldn’t wait to see your loved one again after a parting?  And when you did see him you beamed and you greeted him as though you couldn’t wait for that moment?  That’s what we’re talking about here, at least to a certain degree.  Because since then, it’s probably been easy for life, kids, work, responsibilities to kind of make those little moments seem wholly unimportant.

I know that I hadn’t really thought about it much until Crystal and I were challenged to try this.  I used to be busy with our daughter, making dinner, or on the computer working on something and many times my husband would walk in the door and we’d just say “hey!” to each other from afar.  Then, when I consciously thought about my greeting him, I made a point of letting him know just how pleased we were to see him.  And he felt respected in a way, and home felt warmer.  He knew that he mattered to us..more than the puzzle or drawing we were working on, the show we were watching, the page we were scrapping or whatever it may be.

It seems a little thing or maybe a little unnatural or contrived, but I think you’ll see greeting with authenticity will be a little thing that can go a long way.  And this works just as well when you are the one doing the “coming home”…if the first thing you do when you walk in the door isn’t to go and give a special warm greeting to your spouse, try it.

As always, if you’re not feeling it, you could simply scrap about the little kindnesses that go a long way in telling a loved one you care.  In a general sense.  Ultimately it’s about what’s comfortable to you.  We hope you’ll have fun with this one.

Here’s my page…again I went with photoless.  I’ve found for some reason that I’m driven to let my words be central lately and so that’s the direction I went with here as well.  Feel free to scrap a special welcome home photo or in any way you feel inspired.

Hope you all enjoy acting and reflecting on the little kindnesses or more specifically the greetings.

Also, I wanted to offer a little encouragement to everyone who has been playing along and remind you not to stress too too much about the pace…the single most important thing is that you happy and proud of your process and your pages in the end, as you create pages and tell your story, reflect on everything.  And don’t forget if you’re playing along for the giveaways, we will be giving you ten days or so at the conclusion of the project to finish up your pages.  But anyone is more than welcome (and we’d love it so much actually!) if you continue to play along no matter what pace you take.  ♥

There are some really wonderful and fun prompts ahead for next week…the final week of Grow With Love that Crystal and I can’t wait to share with you!  So be sure to swing by Crystal’s blog on Monday for the start of Week Four with Day Sixteen. Until then we hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Happy Scrapping and Happy Growing!!


{blooming creativity} Full Bloom: Gaura and Plant Your Story: Quoted

Sharing a little Full Bloom: Gaura inspiration from my girls.  It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully these templates can be transformed into pages that reflect different stories and voices and scrapping styles.  Wow!







You can snag Full Bloom: Gaura and Plant Your Story: Quoted for 20% through today Friday 30 July 2010.

Later today I'll be posting Day Fifteen of the Grow With Love project and this weekend you can swing by here for a little freebie too as part of After Five Design's block party blog hop.  Woot!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!

{fresh seeds} 29 July — Full Bloom: Gaura and Plant Your Story: Quoted

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!! I can hardly believe that August is just around the corner.  And I know I
say that at the start of every fresh month,  but truly time seems to be
flying by faster than ever these days.  Nana is visiting us this week
and next so we are really enjoying soaking up some wonderful family
time, which always makes for some really fun and sweet moments to
scrap.  Woot!

Today I'm happy to share a couple {fresh seeds} that I hope will do just that…help you capture and scrap those fabulous moments with those you love.

First is Full Bloom: Gaura. It is the latest set of templates from the Full Bloom series which are designed to be a little "fuller"..richer in layers and details, but
still with enough room to play so that you can completely tailor them to
your sense of scrapping. 


Also fresh today is a fun new set of templates in the Plant Your Story
line.  I loove to scrap the actual words my daughter says, or snippets
of our conversations.  And so Plant Your Story: Quoted is
inspired by all those quotable moments in our lives, these pages are
created to help you capture the funny things your loved ones say, our
conversations or "he said she said" moments, or even just your favorite
inspirational quotes. 


Full Bloom: Gaura and Plant Your Story: Quoted are available at my shoppe for 20% off through Friday 30 July!!

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swing by the forum to see what's
happening there this week!

And this week is our Block Party
Freebie Hop
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That's all for now, though I have lots more on the horizon that I'm eager to share with you.  And don't forget to peek back here tomorrow for Day Fifteen of the Grow With Love project.  

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


full bloom:gaura and plant your story: quoted {a winner}

Good morning!!

Thank you so much to all who submitted entries for the Full Bloom: Gaura and Plant Your Story: Quoted giveaway.
I loved reading all your favorite quotes!  As I mentioned I'm completely goofy for quotes, so I loved adding a few to my already ginormous list of favorites.  Woot!   So Mr. helped me determine our winner this morning.

And without further ado, I am so happy to say a big
"Congratulations!" to….


Congrats Alice!! Please shoot me an email at zinniasandswallowtails AT
gmail DOT com at your convenience so I can get you set up with your choice of Full Bloom: Gaura or Plant Your Story: Quoted.  Woot!

Again thank you ALL so much!  If you didn't win this time, don't lose
heart..I'll be having new release giveaways pretty regularly.  And stay tuned as I'll be back in a bit with a closer look at Full Bloom: Gaura and Plant Your Story: Quoted and some
fabulous inspiration. 

I hope you all have a beautiful day!!!

{grow with love} day thirteen

So whew! Here we are, halfway through week three of the Grow With Love project and we are in the midst of some of the heavier prompts…the ones that really have us getting introspective and challenging us to take accountability.  This can be difficult and maybe even a little emotionally exhausting.  But our hope is that when all is said and done, you’ll have found it an exercise in growing and evolving…something cathartic maybe and ultimately rewarding.

Hang in there because I think you’ll feel really encouraged and energized as we look back at the process and our pages.  And there are some lighter and fun prompts on the horizon.  I’m offering the encouragement partly because I’m feeling I need it myself at this stage in the process.  LOL!

So let’s take a look at today’s prompt.  This is Day Thirteen.

This was another prompt that I found challenging.  Not so much for the act of apologizing.  Because for the most part I really believe in the power of those two little words: “I’m sorry”.  But challenging in the sense that this has us really looking at some of the uglier things we may have said and done, or the uglier attitudes and resentments.  And it’s never fun to consider where we may have hurt someone we care so much about.  Because let’s face matter where things may be at this moment with your loved one none of us said “I hate you and you hate me, let’s get married”.  No, we chose to make a commitment in our hearts and minds because this is our “person”.  This is the one we love more than any other.  And so when there are hard times and when we hurt them or get hurt, it can be really painful and muddy and accountability can be hard.

One thing I found useful for this prompt and most of these meatier ones, was to focus on the whole idea of “choice” in our love and how we choose to act in our marriages.  And how I hope my daughter will see me as a woman and wife.  And so this page became a reflection of an attitude of “ownership” for myself and my feelings and actions.  And I decided to go with something really simple here…letting the words be central to reflect (hopefully) their earnestness.

I hope you feel, as I did, after writing and reflecting and scrapping this page, a sense of calmness..and maybe even a bit of lightness as if a weight is lifted.

As always, if you’re just finding us feel free to check out Day One to review the basics and then follow prompts we’ve covered so far.  We would love for you to join us any time and in any way you feel comfortable!

And don’t forget to visit Crystal’s blog tomorrow for Day Fourteen.  Happy Scrapping!

{blooming soon} and a {giveaway!} Full Bloom: Gaura and Plant Your Story: Quoted

I hope you all are having a beautiful week!  My mom is in town visiting, which always makes for an extra happy Bugga and an extra happy family.  I hope you’re enjoying some people or moments that are bringing the “extra happy” your way too!

I have a couple {fresh seeds} being planted this week (do you like how I take that metaphor of gardening and just run with it? lol!!).  And I wanted to give you your first peek and a chance to win too too!

First is another addition to the Full Bloom series of templates…Full Bloom:Gaura


And next is the latest in my Plant Your Story series.  This time I thought it would be fun to create some pages that have quotables in mind.  You know those funny things our kids say, or a “he said she said” moment, or conversations we hope to remember, or even just a wonderful quote that fits a mood, photo or moment.  And so…here’s a look at Plant Your Story: Quoted.


Leave a comment below sharing your favorite quote for a chance to win your choice of Full Bloom: Gaura or Plant Your Story: Quoted before Thursday 29 July at 10am (CST).  You can increase your chances at winning by posting about the giveaway
on Twitter and Facebook.  Be sure to come back here with a link in the
comments.  Good Luck!!


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