Month: June 2010

{fresh inspiration} 30 June

I have to confess that I still have to pinch myself sometimes to be sure I'm not dreaming when I come across a page in the gallery that was created using one of my templates.  It's really SO neat.  Seeing them in action documenting *your* stories, used in *your* own unique way is a serious warm fuzzy.  And it's remarkably inspiring and uplifting for me because holy cow (!!!!!) this community is full to the brim with fabulous creativity and amazing talents who care about sharing their art and stories with their loved ones.  I'm so grateful to get to be a part of that in some small way.

I show you inspiration from my team with every fresh release, but I wanted to shine the spotlight on a few pages from YOU that have caught my eye in the galleries because they are every bit as inspiring.  These pages WOWed me completely and I have a feeling they will you too too.  Be prepared for a parade of fantasticness.  Woot!

Just Perfect by LibbysMommy — I looove the graphic and fun feel Laurie brought to this template and page.  The font, the colors, the element's all brilliant and lets the beautiful photo take center stage.  In short, I thought the title of this page was fitting indeed.  Just perfect.


Luna by Tine — *sigh* I'm a total softy for beautifully scrapped pet pages and Tine's gallery is full of them.  They make me happy just looking at them.  She always has such fabulous and expressive photos.  I love how she scrapped her sweet Luna in this page and complemented the photo by echoing the detail of the apple in her element work.  It's beautiful simplicity and the kind of page that just makes me smile. 


Play by Lizzy257 — So.  I've become a big fan of Lizzy.  She's a fabulous "moments" scrapper, as I like to say.  She a has a beautiful way of capturing the everyday moments, the little moments, the milestone moments…the *life* moments.  And each page has such fantastic detail that really enhances her personal storytelling style.    You can see it come alive with this page.  She didn't just scrap this template, she rocked it and completely transformed it to showcase the story of her photos.  It's brills and I love it.


sisters423 by jencushing — I have to confess I was going to share another (fabulously adorable) page from Jen here, but then at the last moment I saw this one that she created and I couldn't help myself…I just HAD to share it because I adore the subtle details here and most of all this photo!!  This is the kind of memory I think we all treasure..those little stolen interactions that we capture.  The kind of things that melt our hearts.  And this page melted mine.


Little Artist by blanulak — is a fabulous example of how a template can be used to really fit the story captured in photos.  From her use of color to the subtle paint splats to how she used the paint brushes to create the frame, I love how she coordinated this page design in such a fabulously cohesive and artistic way…with just the perfect splash of playfulness!


Owen by Pretty Peaches — Melissa has a couple of pages that I felt wooed by because she makes my templates look so good. Ultimately I chose to share this one because who can resist an adorable little face like this?!  I love the sense of "boy" and personality she has conveyed here in a subtle but striking way through her use of paper and color. 


18 months by nikkiARNGwife  — I love the papery and storytelling goodness in Nikki's gallery.  She has a beautiful way with color and with element choice and composition and she creates the kinds of pages where you can just feel the love exuding from them.  And this page is no exception.  She tailored this template to beautifully suit her style and I just adore these photos and her fantastic element and paper work.  It's an incredible scrap.


Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful art and stories!  It's really such an honor! 

I do love seeing your work so if ever you feel like sharing, please feel free to do just that.  You can shoot me an email or PM or share your pages with me on Facebook.  

I've got a little something special to share with everyone tomorrow so be sure to pop back here for that and some more news. 

{fresh seeds} 24 June — Plant Your Story: Listed and Painted Garden (mini)

Hope this week has been a happy and beautiful one for everyone!

It’s been a disheartening day or two with oil washing upon our shores here in Florida, but it’s also been a week of celebrations (Father’s Day and our anniversary) and firsts (taking my daughter to her first movie in a movie theater — fun fun!) and so we are staying focused on the beautiful things about summertime and all the fabulous gifts we’ve been given.  And in many ways this week’s releases reflects just that.  And so I’m happy to share with this week’s {fresh seeds} to bloom your creativity!

First, I’d like to introduce you to a fresh set of templates from the Plant Your Story series..and this time I’ve designed pages with the inspiration of “lists”–you know, for listing the things we love about our loved ones, or listing favorites, listing dislikes or pet peeves, listing the things our kids say, or for counting blessings, things like that.



And here’s a bit of amazing inspiration from my talented team.  I love the stories told here and how they’ve made these templates their own to suit their own styles!



Plant Your Story: Listed is available for 20% off through Friday June 25!

Next I have something a little different that I hope you will have fun playing with too! Inspired by the often breezy and airy artistic beauty of summer and my own love of masks paints and brushes as a scrapper, I’ve created some templates that incorporate masking/painting into the design.  You can use my brushyness as a guide, create your own mask or use any mask or painty goodness at all in place of my masking placement here to clip papers and/or photos and give your pages just an extra touch of artistic breezy flair.

Meet Painted Garden (mini).  And it is also available for 20% off through Friday 25 June!


And here’s some more beautiful inspiration from the girls:


I so hope you like this week’s {fresh seeds}!

I still have a few things growing on the horizon that I’m really excited about…I’ve been hinting at a wonderful project and collab and I can tell you that I’ve teamed up again with the fabulous Crystal Livesay. We are really excited about the vision of the release and I’ll be sharing a special sneak peek and having a contest in the next couple weeks.  Also keep your eyes peeled this weekend for inspiration from YOU and for a little freebie next week!

As always I looove to see your stories and art too, so please feel free to share with me anytime.  Just shoot me a mail or share them on my facebook page.  You can also follow me on Twitter and sign up for my newsletter for the best chances for extra coupons and goodies.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!

{fresh seeds} 17 June — Full Bloom: Yarrow and Fresh Cut: Cards and Photocards

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful and sunny week as many of us head into the beginning of summer!  This week I’m happy to share a couple new releases…one of which inspired me to play a little bit creatively in a fresh way.  Maybe it will you, too!

First I’d love to share Full Bloom: Yarrow with you!  Another set in my “Full Bloom” series of templates which are designed in the spirit of a
“fuller” page, richer in layers with many little details and a little more depth, while still affording you room to “play” and modify the page to suit your personal scrapping sensibilities.



And here’s a bit of inspiration from the amazing CT girls.  They WOW me every time!


As always, Full Bloom: Yarrow is 20% off through Friday 18 June! And you may want to keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter and Facebook for a chance or two at extra savings. Woot!

I also have something a little fresh and different this week!  When resident hybrid project guru Sunghee of Designs by Sunghee showed me her latest project — an adorable little “card stall” — and asked if I’d want to create a little something to mingle and be merry with it, I didn’t even have to think before saying “yes”!  I’ve always loved the idea of sending personal notes and cards, sentiments and sweetness to people I care about.  There’s something so uplifting and fabulous when an actual real life card arrives in the mail or at a doorstep.  Or even when an extra personal and creative card is sent on the internet.  There’s an extra little romance to it maybe, but whatever it is, I love it.  And so I was excited to create something that we could all customize completely to create little personal cards/notes.  And so here is Fresh Cut: Cards (all occasion) and Fresh Cut: Photo Cards (all occasion) — my first card templates.   Simple and customizable.  For hybrid or digital.  For sending a “hello”, a “thinking of you”, or any ray of extra sunshine for those you love!

It too, is 20% off through tomorrow!




Here is a bit of Fresh Cut: Cards and Fresh Cut: Photo Cards inspiration.


Even I had a play with these because I’ve been wanting to make some personal thank yous and some cards for the 4th of July.  I did one all digital card and one hybrid card.  Thank goodness Jess (a.k.a. someone who is an AMAZING hybrid artist) had a play too so you can see just you can really transform these into a fabulous hybrid project!  Crystal also had a play and I love how she used the template to create a full sized page in a non-cardy kind of way.

Lots of possibilities with these!   Even if it’s for your sweetpea to have fun adding her own hybrid-y sticker-y touches to your cards…LOL!!!


And on that note, I wish everyone well for a fabulous and playful weekend!!  Stay tuned this week for some fun teases about a special heartfelt collab project I’m really excited about and some gallery inspiration from YOU!


{fresh seeds} 10 June — Heirloom Garden

I’m so happy to share my latest release and my first “garden” set of templates with you this week!  The “gardens” are BIG and feature a series of templates of varied styles but created with a similar inspiration.  This time I’m continuing the inspiration of heritage and family-centered pages with Heirloom Garden.

I don’t know if it’s the family-ish holiday season (with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day here in the U.S.), or if it’s a product of our
geographical separation from most of our relatives as a military family, or if it’s all these trips my hubby has been taking this year, or the family reunion on our horizon, but I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately…connections, relationships, traditions, stories and all the good and bad that comes with those people we don’t get to choose in our lives, but those to whom we are tied and tethered and woven together into a beautiful and imperfect kind of tapestry.  I’ve been thinking of the things I want my daughter to know about her family.  The lessons she can learn from their lives and stories.  And I’ve been thinking about what I hope our own story will look like.

And all of that came together to inspire this “garden” of templates.  And while I just rambled on about my heart when creating these and while they are rooted in an inspiration of heritage and all that family-y stuff, as with any templates they are what you make them and what you want them to be.  So these versatile puppies can be used in any way that inspires you.  And I hope they do!!


And here is some amazing and creative inspiration from my girls and the CT girls at After Five:






Heirloom Garden is on sale at 32% off through Friday 11 June…after its initial release this “garden” will return to its regular reduced price of 15% off.

If you are a newsletter subscriber you got an extra little coupon giftie.  If you aren’t, feel free to sign up so you can get extra little gifties too in the future.  If you missed out this week, take heart because I just may share a coupon or two on Twitter.  Woot!

I so hope you like them!  As always I looove to see your stories and art too, so please feel free to share with me anytime.  Just shoot me a mail or share them on my facebook page.

I have some other fresh and fabulous releases {blooming soon} that I can’t wait to share with you!

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!

{fresh seeds}: After Five’s June 555 collab

Sooo I’ve been in a sort of la-la land recently soaking up some much needed family time and so I missed posting about this month’s 5-5-5 collab at After Five.  If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a monthly collaboration between A5 designers and it’s a steal for 5 days (hello 50% off), starting on the 5th of the month, every month.  After that magical five days, the kit goes back to full price.  Some of my most favorite kits have been borne out of the 555s, and this month was the first time I got to collaborate with the girls!

And what is doubly exciting is that this month’s inspiration is something that’s been on my heart for some time…and something that inspired my upcoming release for Thursday too…and that is family stories, family legacy, heritage, family trees and all that family family-y stuff.  (did I set the record for number of times a person could use the word “family” in one sentence?  yes? good.)  And so I’m happy to share with you, this month’s 5-5-5 collab Heirloom Garden.  Participating Designers are our June Guest Designer: Irene Alexeeva,
Cinnamon Designs, FruitLoOp Sally, Glam Fairy Designs, Jazzmin Designs, K
Studio, Kristin Aagard, Nikki Beaudreau, and me!  Woot!

Here’s a closer look at the kit which is packed full of beautifulness.




and here’s a peek at my templates which are also included:


and some inspiration from my crazy talented team:


Heirloom Garden, the 555, is on sale until Thursday for five dollars a.k.a. 50% off.  So hope you enjoy it!

And keep your eyes peeled for more family-inspired goodness from me later this week.  As well as a fun little something I think will be like balm to your inner crafty heart.