Month: May 2010

{news} and {savings}

It’s Monday Madness at After Five Designs today..and that means a chance for extra savings.  Today you can snag 35% off best-selling products from our Mixologists.  And for me that means you can snag 35% off Fresh Cut: Zinnia.


Here’s a peek at some amazing inspiration from my girls and the A5 creative team…



And since today is Memorial Day I felt inspired to have an additional chance for savings…so feel free to use coupon code: memorial_day for 50% any purchase of $3 or more from my store (so most of my shoppe is eligible for half off today!!).

Lots more exciting news on the horizon too that I can’t wait to share with you! Hope you all have had a beautiful weekend!

{zinnia and swallowtail CT girls}

I feel all a bubbling with emotions…overwhelmed by all the support and all those who played along with my NSD freebie for a chance at a summer guest CT spot.  SO grateful and humbled that such talented scrappers would want to work with me and the girls.  SO excited and energized about those who will be joining us.

And also a little heavy-hearted for those who I can’t say “yes” to this time.  As a scrapper-at-heart I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there and how deflating it can be to hear “not this time”.  And now, as someone having to say it and not hear it, I just want everyone to know that hearing a “not this time” never, ever means that your pages aren’t amazing or important.  Because they are.  Sincerely, every page and every gallery I looked at was special and inspiring to me in some way.  The talent in this digi scrapping community is mind boggling.  So thank you for putting yourself out there.  And no matter what “just keep swimming” and just keep scrapping.

ANYhoo…before I get too rambly I wanted to say again a HUGE thank you to everyone who played along!!  I loooved seeing all the fabulous plays with the template!  And I have to tell you there was no way I could keep it to just “3”..goodness if I could have taken everyone on I would have.  Seriously.  SO I picked a few more than that.  And also a few for an autumn term too (September, October, and November).  Woot!

I’d like to say a HUGE congratulations and welcome to the summer guest CT zinnia girls!!!


And the autumn guest CT swallowtail girls!!



YAY!!!!  Thanks again to EVERYONE!  Since this was centered around the blog and not email, I had to do things a little differently than I might otherwise, but hopefully everyone who played along should have received a message from me (at the location of the gallery they linked your page to me) and everyone should have received a little goodie too too.  If you have not received a message and goodie please email me.  Thank you.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!  Keep your eyes peeled here for a special freebie later in the holiday weekend.


{fresh seeds} 27 May — Plant Your Story: Blocked

I hope everyone has been having a beautiful week!  I have some pretty BIG things on the horizon, so just a little something small from me this week.  But these Plant Your Story templates are close to my heart, because storytelling is really my most favorite aspect of my own scrapping.  There's something so heartfelt and permanent about putting "pen to paper" in journaling.  Be it to remember the details of a special day, or to reflect on feelings for a loved one, or just capturing the every day, words are often the center of our stories.  They are the final threads we weave in our rememberings.  They are beautiful.  SO ya.  I love journaling.  I know that my words are the favorite parts of my pages for my family. 

And so my "Plant Your Story" line of templates was born out of my love for journaling.  But I wanted to create pages that people who don't love journaling so much could still use.  And I wanted the journaling centric or journaling heavy pages to still look beautiful, so I love to try to incorporate the words in a design-minded way.  And now in just two weeks I've revealed that I'm both cheesy and verbose, lol!  So I'll just get on with showing you the goodies.  Woot!

Here's the latest.  Plant Your Story: Blocked.


And here's a little inspiration from the CT girls, who as always completely!!!


As always you can snag this week's {fresh seeds} for 20% off through Friday 28 May.

I so hope you like them!  As always I looove to see your stories and art too, so please feel free to share with me anytime.  Just shoot me a mail or share them on my facebook page

Speaking of that…I randomly give out coupons and such via facebook and twitter, so follow me or "like" me, if you haven't already to be in the "garden of goodies" (I just made that up..not sure if it sounds cheesy or creepy.."garden of goodies"..hmmm).  ANYway.  I will be giving away some freebie goodies too when I hit milestones.  Woot!  I also have a newsletter freebie in the works, so feel free to sign up for that as well.

I'm really excited about the things that are {blooming soon} including a BIG collaby project, another fabulous collaboration with a certain dear friend, and some wonderfully sunny and summery somethings-or-another.  Soon and very soon.

In the mean time I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!



Wanted to pop in and just give a little update…I’m so sorry I haven’t yet posted and announced who the lucky winners are of the summer guest CT spot yet.  Life has gotten fuller than I anticipated in the last week and we were battling some troubles with the site at A5 recently.  Add on to that…you girls did NOT make this easy on me and the girls!  I’m so impressed and blown away at your talent and how you used the freebie Summer Garden template!!!  All this to say I’m woefully behind.  But I *will* definitely share the news this Friday!

I do have a little something coming your way for Thursday’s Happy Hour releases at After Five, and I also have a couple fun and BIG projects in the works too that I can’t wait to share with you!

If you haven’t already be sure to sign up for my newsletter.  I will regularly be giving out special coupons and gifties to my subscribers, annnd I have an exclusive newsletter freebie in the works so you don’t want to miss out!

Hope you all are having a beautiful week!  More soon!!

{fresh seeds} 20 May — Fresh Cut: Gerbera

Hope everyone has been having a beautiful week!!  We are in that twilight transition period between Spring and Summer, where the sunshine and blue skies are regular and we are on the verge of the too-hot-and-humid-yick.  But it makes for a beautiful blooming garden and lots of lush green which just makes me smile.  Bugga and I trolled around our garden this week snapping shots of the “pretties” that are starting to show off a little bit.  It won’t be long before the real show begins!  (If it wasn’t pretty cheestastically obvious by now, I looove the gardens and flowers LOL!).


ANYhoo..all this has me feeling sunny and romantic and freshly inspired.  And so I’m excited to share with you my latest release Fresh Cut: Gerbera.  As always, these “fresh cut” pages are designed with a little more restraint in mind offering a cleaner
page design for those who prefer simpler pages, while still affording
you room to “play” and add to the page to suit your personal scrapping


You can snag it at my shoppe for 20% off through Friday 21 May!  I so hope you like them and feel inspired to scrap your own stories and art!

Here’s a little Fresh Cut inspiration from the CT girls.  I’m really loving the fabulous mood that’s been captured in each–so unique and ranging from romantic and warm to soft and precious to fun or fiery and back again.

I so hope you enjoy them!  I have a couple fresh things in the works coming soon that I can’t wait to share with you so be sure to sign up for my newsletter or follow me on facebook and twitter to keep up with updates and goodies and coupons and fun!  And tomorrow I will announce who will be joining me and the girls this summer in The Garden! Yay!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!

{thanks} and {winners} !!!

I loved reading about the things that make you feel sunny!  I felt like I was saying “ditto” with each one!!  And I hope that I can help make today sunnier for a couple of you too!  Thanks to, the magic numbers today are 3 and 21…so I want to say a huge Congratulations to Tine and Kristy!!!  Please email me at zinniasandswallowtails AT gmail DOT com so I can get you set up with your Fresh Cut: Gerbera templates.  Woot!!!

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